ISWP Wheelchair Educators’ Package Academic Training Partners Community of Practice

Since 2016, ISWP has been engaging with academic training partners worldwide to facilitate meetings whereby educators share their experiences with integrating or enhancing wheelchair content into their university or regional training center curriculum. During the 29 meetings held as of October 2021, educators have not only shared their experiences using PowerPoint presentations, but many have also shared their teaching resources (e.g., PowerPoint slide decks, online modules, case studies). If you are interested in joining our Academic Training Partners Community of Practice to learn from others and perhaps even share your own experiences, please contact ISWP Research and Training Coordinator, Krithika Kandavel at to be added to our distribution list.

To access content from previous academic training partner meetings, please click on the continent in the interactive map below. The countries from where the academic training partners come will appear. By clicking on the country, you will be able to access the content from the partners in that country. Alternatively, you may choose to click on the flag/country below the interactive map. If you choose to present and share your teaching experiences and resources in a future Academic Training Partner meeting, we will be pleased to share your information with our growing Community of Practice! Let’s improve wheelchair service provision education together, worldwide!

Russian Federation Russia

Novokuznetsk Scientific and Practical Centre for Medical and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons

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